Mold TestingENVIRO-Air Cleaning Specialists has highly trained mold specialists to conduct mold testing for both residential and commercial clients. Hiring ENVIRO-Air Cleaning Specialists for mold testing will provide you with the most accurate analysis of mold present in your home or business.

ENVIRO-Air Cleaning Specialists conducts extensive mold testing to determine the depth of the problem. Surface testing is performed, air samples are taken and bulk samples are collected from visible mold growth by removing pieces of the structure that is damaged.

ENVIRO-Air Cleaning Specialists will conduct mold testing if:
• You see mold forming in your home or business.
• You believe you can smell mold or a musty odor in your home or business.
• You want the indoor air quality tested for mold spores.
• To ensure all mold has been properly removed after mold remediation.

Even if mold is not visible on your structure, the presence of mold spores in the air can be evaluated with mold testing. ENVIRO-Air Cleaning Specialists team of certified mold specialists conduct mold testing to determine the scope of your mold problem and create a remediation plan. Our mold testing allows us to identify the type of mold present and how aggressive the process of mold removal must be to ensure complete eradication.

Contact ENVIRO-Air Cleaning Specialists today for a complete mold testing analysis for your home or business.

All Mold Samples collected are sent to our lab at Hayes Microbial Solutions,