ENVIRO-Air Cleaning Specialists provides indoor air quality improvement services to commercial facilities, including educational and manufacturing buildings, as well as residential homes. Duct cleaning, mold inspection and remediation, as well as heater, ventilation, and air conditioner testing and cleaning are the primary services we offer. For commercial manufacturing and other industrial facilities, we also provide surface cleaning and degreasing.



education_industry.jpgIndoor air quality is particularly important at educational facilities. 

Prevent the spread of illness and increase energy efficiency in your educational facility with specialized indoor air quality cleaning:

  • trained professionals for large-scale duct cleaning and mold remediation
  • HEPA vacuums specifically designed for large facilities
  • cleaning processes dedicated to preventing the spread of illness
Learn more about ENVIRO-Air's specialization in educational facility indoor air quality.


Commercial Project Testimonial:

Time and time again your staff showed tremendous patience, understanding and accommodation with our work schedules, demands, and needs, all the while meeting and exceeding the challenges presented by this project, for which we are very grateful.

– James Kinney, Environmental Health & Safety Manager
MTS Systems Corporation

commercial_industry.jpgAir duct cleaning saves commercial facilities 25-30% in costs.

ENVIRO-Air specializes in cleaning commercial HVAC systems and air duct systems, which can:

  • save on energy costs,
  • increase indoor air quality, and
  • reduce employee illness.

Learn more about ENVIRO-Air's specialization in commercial facility indoor air quality.



Manufacturing facilities require specific equipment to clean their HVAC systems.  

ENVIRO-Air specializes in cleaning HVAC and air duct systems for manufacturing facilities, which requires specialized equipment:

  • prevent contamination using large plastic sheeting
  • commercial-sized HEPA vacuuming capabilities
  • bacteria-killing cleaning agents to prevent illness

Learn more about ENVIRO-Air's specialization in manufacturing facility indoor air quality.


home.jpgMold remediation, air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning improve residential indoor air quality. 

Repair potential water damage with mold testing and remediation. Hiring ENVIRO-Air has a number of benefits:

- Cleaning the air of contaminants and mold spores

- Prevent fire damage by cleaning dryer vents

- Increase HVAC efficiency with clean ductwork 

Learn more about ENVIRO-Air's specialization in residential indoor air quality.

Home Project Testimonial:
Test Indoor Air Quality

Enviro-Air provided prompt, excellent service. They made dealing with the situation stress free. We are super happy with the results, and will recommend their services to anyone else in the same unfortunate situation."

– Amy B. – Prior Lake, MN


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  • How often to clean coils and ductwork
  • What to look for in a professional cleaning service
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